What's Going On Here?

Before I went off the grid for a few weeks, I was thinking about the direction of 13Months - from where have I come, where am I now, where am I going, were do I want to go blog-relatedly?

If you remember, this blog was created for a trip to Iraq. The outer limits of which would have been thirteen months. Almost four years, three trips to Iraq, a marriage and a baby later 13Months is still here.

But for what?

The original purpose was to keep people up-to-date while I was out of the country. It's been more than that over its life. I've shared my thoughts on a variety of topics, but I've always been able to fall back on the basic idea that this blog is about sharing something about which you, the reader, might read otherwise.

Now, though, I'm home for a while. No more trips across the globe.

I don't know how to keep this blog exciting to me and be entertaining without becoming just a blog about everything (or nothing).

Lately, I feel that the blog has become a bunch of nonsense.

I'll figure it out somehow.

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Tammy said...

As long as the Glade Lady still makes outrageous claims about Glade Products, as long as Obama is in office and people continue to search for meaning, 13 Months should be the "go to" spot for insight.