Who Exactly is This "Everybody"

Angie says everybody is reading. Well, thanks everybody, but this a two way street; you can give feedback. Here I am slaving away in Iraq and nobody will leave a comment.

Poor me...

Ok, but, really. Lately? Poor me, indeed.

Sunday night my computer crashed. Well, Windows just stopped loading. The computer offered a simple solution: run the original CDs. Simple except that the CD-Rom drive doesn't really work. It ran two of the CDs, but not the third. Yesterday, Gary tried to help me, but my computer was not cooperating. He tried his best, but today I had to take it to a repair shop. So, now they are stealing all of my personal information and installing spy-ware to track my every move.

You may also be aware that Janie was very sick on Saturday and ended up in Jordan for medical treatment. It was really bad for a while, but now things seem to be going well for her.

I also moved into my new house. I will send pictures, but on another day. I haven't taken any yet.

I would have posted more journal excerpts, but there aren't any given the computer situation. What are you all into? I know Sis has been going to hillbilly concerts and Nikki has been busy with the Arts Festival. How'd that go, by the way? I know what Angie's into because she e-mails me.


Anonymous said...

okay-I'm going to try this as an anonymous blogger since the stupid thing won't let me log in. I am reading, just haven't been able to comment. I sent you an e-mail with all the exciting details of my life. I love and miss you-

Lucy said...

Kudos for so diligently updating your blog, even while your computer is in the shop having spyware installed!
Not much going on here. Just emailed you. Drinking a Diet Pepsi. Got to get new soles on my sandals -- probably more expensive here than in the bazarr, eh?

Anonymous said...

Yo! I'm still here, and I am one of your faithful (though usually silent) readers :) Not much new going on. Went to Boston Memorial Weekend using the $10 Skybus fares. It was a good experience. My sis is a few days past her due date with Grant, but no baby yet. Other than avoiding Nikki like the plague (love you Nik!) nothing else really. Miss you!

Brandi said...

Aw, poor you...nobody commenting on your blog. Boo-hoo! Join the club, punk! Maybe some of us are busy avoiding leaving comments on your blog. Ever think about that?!

Aunt Kathy said...

I'll send you a comment, Robert.

Comment,comment, comment, comment. And after that happened, there was another comment.

Actually the weather is starting to heat up in NC. Last week we were at 100+. Today we're in the 80's. Feels good. Hope you're doing OK with the heat there.

This is the end of my comment. Hope you liked it.

AngiesMomMo said...

Of course I read your blog! Everyday. I love your wit. It's kind of like reading a book. You don't contact the author just because you are reading his book. And if I have any questions about something you write, I don't comment on them here for safety reasons. Does that make sense?