Yesterday, we went on a picnic.

Yesterday, I got food poisoning.

So, at 2:30 this morning. I found myself puking in the sink. Good times.

You may ask yourself, "Why the sink? Why not the toilet?"

That'd be a good question. The answer to which is roaches.

Yeah, that's right. My eastern-style toilet has roaches in it. I discovered them two days ago and haven't had a chance to get rid of them given the picnic and the sickness.

I will admit, though, that they've been good to me since I got sick, mostly keeping themselves in the drain pipe and not venturing into the toilet bowel. But, I wasn't about to risk putting my face anywhere near them, just in case they were trying to lull me into some sort of sense of false security only to attack me when I was at my weakest.

Before the puking, I spent the evening tossing and turning in my bed and moaning from the pain in my stomach. After the puking, I spent the evening sleeping, so it was good.

I didn't go to work this morning and at noon, I got myself up and dressed. I decided to walk to work because fresh air would do me good. It did for about 20 minutes.

Now I am at the office feeling hot and nauseous. Good times, good times.

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Anonymous said...

OHhhhhhh honey I am so sorry you're sick-I hate it that you had to be alone and sick-but given that you have, (hopefully had by now) roaches-even if I could have been there, you would have been alone!!!! I saw Nila yesterday, she has my nose!!
Love you