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I checked out my blog stats this morning and found that June 2007 is on track to only have half the hits of June 2006. What's up with that? Was the content from June '06 that good?

Or is the content from June 2007, that bad?

No, wait. Don't tell me.

Not much is going on lately, really. Todd had hemorrhoid surgery this week at the Korean army base in Erbil. He told me before that he had "meat" on his "hole ass," which I found very funny when he said it and I did not correct his English.

He got back into town last night and is doing well, although sitting is painful. Obviously. He said the Koreans were very nice to him. I think it's the first time he's really been around actual, live Koreans.

He also told me that the night before surgery, they had a karaoke party. It was definitely, the first time he'd ever done that and he sang a Britney Spears song. Obviously.

Keep im in your prayers as I don't expect him to heed the doctors' advice to take it easy for the next 5 days. He's already at a picnic today at a village 2 hours away from here.

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