Had Lunch with Haval

Not much happening here today. We had lunch with Haval who is visiting from the US. He was our language teacher in the States. Today we met his parents and his brother-in-law.

His mother made yaprax and it was better than Nyan's, but don't tell her.

They also have an Indonesian house maid! Can you believe it? It's crazy. Gary was able to chat with her in Indonesian. It was surprising to see her in Kurdistan!

We are going to a nearby lake this weekend (Thursday through Saturday) for a company retreat. I am not looking forward to it, but I hope it'll be a good time.

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carrie said...

"Someone gave you a hard time"...I DO have a name! And yes you STILL need to post some pics of your wild-dog-surrounded home. Ah- isn't life over there grand? Oh and your wife is really into you- in case you forgot that. Read her blog- ha ha!