Their, There and They're

As you may recall, I have a new job!

I didn't know whether I'd be able to work it when I was initially hired, but training was pushed back, so I am gainfully employed!

I started on Tuesday, trained for two days and I am now grading one question from the Ohio Graduation Test, or OGT. I am such a superstar, that I have already been trained on a second question. I am one of only four people in the state of Ohio trained to score two questions on the assessment. Sounds impressive, huh?

I can't talk about the questions I'm scoring or they'll have to kill me, of course. I'll just say that the job is fairly enjoyable, but tedious. I think I've already scored the same question 3000 times.
It's a fine place to work, though; very casual and flexible. They seem to value us as employees which isn't always the case for temporary workers. Today we got free bagels! From Panera! Cinnamon Crunch!
One thing I feel I must say is that it seems no one in high school knows the difference between there, their and they're. Seriously. No one. It's infuriating. Their is no doubt that there teachers must not care about they're education!

Oh, and someone used the word prouph. Seriously.

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