China Proof?

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I went to this site called the Great Firewall of China today. The website's aim "is to be a watchdog and keep track of which and how many or how many times sites are censored." They also ask you to "help keep the censorship transparent."

You can go to the website and test any site to see if it is censored. I tested 13Months and it is listed as CENSORED! but I think it might be a technical error and not real censorship. Up to this point, I haven't said anything that I think they would censor.

I do think that Taiwan deserves full recognition as a state in the international community and that China's bullying of Taiwan is reprehensible. So, there. Now I've said something worthy of Chinese censorship.

Read more at www.taiwanisgreatandshouldbefreeofchinesethreatsandinterference.com

Just kidding, that's not a real website. But, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/tiananmen_square_protests_of_1989 is a real website and it is censored. Imagine that.


Angie said...

Both of my blogs were censored.

rdmeeker said...

Your blogs are censored becuase they are anti-Mao.

notfearingchange said...

yeah i am supposedly banned too...*sigh*...