I found this picture today as I was cleaning up the dining room. I thought it was lost forever! This is my favorite picture of everyone's favorite deadbeat blogger, Cinderella Jenkins!

This is from her 21st birthday party. I think the pic is priceless. She couldn't recreate it if she tried. Plus, she has crazy ribbons in her hair. I cannot look at it without laughing.


BrianStevenson.com said...

Quiz! Cinderella J...
1) has a lazy right eye.
2) got caught half-way blinking
3) might have had a little too much to drink!

I love embarrassing pictures when they're not my own!

rdmeeker said...

Funny enough, there was no alcohol invloved, her right eye is normal and she wasn't blinking; she was totally making that face!

The answer is something more like:

Cinderella J...

4)is freakin' hilarious!

Aunt Kathy said...

I love this picture of your sister. She looks so happy. And she's not above making a funny face. She beautiful!!

Brandi said...

It is also entirely possible that I am planning something big...I mean huge! That is no regular smile. No sir, that is the look of pure, evil, genius!