Just $15 a Month

Today, Angie and I compiled all of our contacts onto a single spreadsheet to streamline the fundraising process. Everyday we get closer to March 9, so we have to get even more serious about getting our funds together.

The important thing here is that if everyone we know could commit to just $15/month, we'd hit 100% for the first year! And then (for various reasons) our costs go down for any subsequent time there. So maybe $10 or less for the rest of our time there.

I know it's unlikely that everyone can give, but it certainly makes the task of fundraising seem easier! It's a huge sigh of relief.

Except that now we have to start making phone calls...


Aimee said...

This might sounds stupid (after all, I -am- Rose Nylund, right?), but would there be any way you could get an account to send you funds electronically? Like, Pay Pal?

Would be much easier for those of us who used to prepare her utility bills and then carry them around in her purse for 2 weeks. :-D

rdmeeker said...

Aimee, yeah, you can totally set up online payment. I'll have Angie e-mail you some info.

How's the weather in WV? Has it been crazy?

OTRgirl said...

My Dad did professional fundraising and he always told me to break things down like you guys did. Really good idea to try to get everyone to do $15 a month.