All Moved In

Most of you know that Angie and I moved back to my old apartment. Most of you also know that Sis still lives there!

We're very happy that she let us move in (me - back in, of course). We decided that, if we plan to go to Iraq soon, we should move in that direction. So we sold alot of our stuff; the couches, the washer and dryer, the extra bed, etc. We brought all the stuff that we need and stored the things we wanted to keep, but don't use every day.

As much as I hate to move, it's nice to have fewer "things."

Yesterday, we had a lot of stuff left that we planned to take to the Salvation Army, but it was so cold that we didn't want to move any of it. So, Angie posted on Craigslist that we had free stuff. Within an hour, someone had come and taken it all away. It was awesome; no muss no fuss.

Oh, and we need at least two more people for our team to Iraq, so, if you know anyone, point them my way!

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joan said...

glad you're enjoying having less things...:) it makes life more fun!