Dessert is Fun

Arrrgh! Angie and I are in the process of support raising as many of you know.

And I HATE it. I have heard all the positive arguments (I even believe most of them): we're allowing others to partner in the work, we are offering others the opportunity to be givers, we are spreading knowledge about little-known people.

But the fact remains that everytime I pick up the phone to call someone I feel like I am soliciting them for cash. I feel like they'll all say no and be mean to me to boot. I feel as though I am putting them in a terrible position where they'll have to say no and feel guilty and then hate me because I put them in that postition.

Rational? No. Has anyone been mean to me, yet? No.

Convential wisdon suggests that the process should get easier with each phone call, but I think it's worse. Each good response statistically means that the odds of a terrible call increase. Probably exponentially even. Who knows since I've already ceded any basis in logic.

I like to think of myself as a rather capable and rational individual, but this pushes me right over the edge. My nerves have pushed me to make lists and plans and databases for information all in an attempt to put structure to my nightmare - and, yes, I know that's a little melodramatic.

The upside is that in this process of structuring/procrastinating I found a really fantastic tool which lets me track contacts, supporters, tasks and other things. Nerds should check out CivicSpace. I've put together a really awesome website for Angie and I, but it's invite only for security reasons, so I can't post it here publicly. I think everyone who reads this knows how to get ahold of me, and I'll be happy to send you the link if you ask. But only of you ask nicely.

All that to say that we are calling our contacts (efficiently listed on our CivicSpace site) to invite them to a series of dessert meetings over the next two weeks (and by "series" I mean everyday at 7pm for two weeks). At these meetings we'll talk about the work in Iraq, the great things that are happening and, of course, how one can partner with us in the work. Yes, we will pass the figurative hat at each meeting.

And I will try to do all of this with all the confidence and positivity that I can muster because even more than I want to save myself from embarrassment and discomfort, I want to go back to Iraq.

Pray for us!

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David Geilhufe said...

Thanks for the nice comment about CivicSpace :)

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