An Explanation....

What I meant by my last brief post is that the next scheduled training session for a team headed to Iraq with The Organization is scheduled for March 9, and I am slated to lead that team (which will be a continuation of the team I was on last year).

Are you with my so far?

That means that Angie and I are now trying to raise financial support so that we can head out as planned.

We started raising support in December for this trip, but, earlier this month, things seemed to be on hold. In fact, we had the impression that the team would be postponed. We were wrong! The team came together and now there are enough of us willing to go to Iraq.

God willing, we'll be headed to California in March and be in Iraq by the end of April. We'll be living in the same city in Iraq in which I lived last year, but in a different house. Unlike last time, we don't have to move anything from one city to another; we can just show up and settle in.

In addition to me and Angie, there are three guys coming to training in March. I'll call them Donnie, Gary and Carl. Keep them in your prayers, too. I know they've got to be a little apprehensive to move to Iraq for 6 months.

If you're interested in supporting us financially, let me know...



OTRgirl said...

That's great news! Congrats.

Devan said...

So, Robert I want you to know that I checked out your job posting in one of your latest blogs and it inspired me to check out the same deal in Indianapolis. It just so happens that they are looking for people to do the same thing there, so now I have a potential cash flow to get me going while I work on my business stuff. Thanks. And by the way, congratulations on Iraq trip coming together. I'm sure it's a relief and a large pressure all at once.