One of us Just Won an iPod

and it wasn't you.

That's right. First I won a tv, then I won a car and now I've won an ipod nano. 

Well, ok, I know that might seem like a step backwards, but I'm pretty excited about the ipod. 

If you remember a few months ago I wrote about MyQuire, an online project collaboration tool. If not, it doesn't matter, but I think it's a great site. A few weeks ago I took a survey which promised the chance to win an ipod nano. I didn't really think I'd win it, I just wanted to take the survey and put un my two cents.

My two cents, by the way, is that, if they'd only add a bulk uploading tool, MyQuire would be the best website ever. Even better than 13Months; I don't have a bulk uploader either.

They even want to interview me for their blog. Security guidelines dictate that I'll have to be pretty general and not mention my company by name, but I'll post the link here once it's up. I know you can't get enough of reading about me and my life. And my unique gift of winning things.

I think this bodes well for the car giveaway at one of our local supermarkets. 

Soon, I'll be cruising the city in my Peugeot listening to my ipod - because there are no laws against such a thing here!


Ness said...

Three things I have won,
1. A smoke detector.
2 A jar of candy corn.
3. A note pad with a picture of lips and an ass on it. You can guess what it said.

jen said...

you are crazy. and i am envious, as i listen to my $25 piece of crap mp3 player.

hope i can visit so i can cruise with you guys in your cool car. :)

Kate said...

I just won 9 dollars.

rdmeeker said...

What does one have to do to win $9?

Angie wants to know.