I've Been Too Wrong for Too Long

I learned something over the past couple of days: Curry is not a single spice.

Rather, curry powder is a mixture of a number of spices such as turmeric, ginger, cardamom, cumin, coriander and others. The yellow color comes from the turmeric

Why did I learn this? Well, yesterday Angie and I decided to make Indian food and have a party. Why did we decide this? I can't remember, but we found a bunch of recipes on the internet and headed out to the store to buy the necessary ingredients.

At the store, I found a box of curry powder. As I was looking it over, I read the ingredients list and saw  about 10 different spices. I said, "Well, they have this stuff, but it doesn't actually have any curry in it."

Angie was all, "Duh. Curry isn't a spice, it's a flavor. Everyone knows it's a mixture." And then under her breath, she said, "Everyone who just looked it up on wikipedia an hour ago knows, at least."

Why did it take 30 years to learn this?

So, we made curry for 13 people. 

I made something called chicken pasanda. It was pretty good. It was spicy, though, from all of the ginger than was in it. Otherwise, I thought it was a little bland. The recipe called for almonds, but I omitted them. Who has time to "flake" almonds? Not me.

Angie made some kind of kidney bean curry. I think I liked hers better, but I'd like to try the pasanda again on a smaller scale. 

I tried to pry my guests' true feelings about the food out of them, but you know hoe it is with most guests - always trying to be polite. "Thanks for the food. It was great."

I don't know if anyone would have gone for seconds because we didn't have enough food for seconds. One thing I do know, though. Everyone finished what was on their plates.

After dinner, I forced everyone to watch Atonement


Ness Kinney said...

Does your house smell like feet?

Devan said...

I tell you what Robert. If you want to cook for me some day I promise to give you my utmost honest opinion. I would even give you a 10 point scale kind of rating on different variables if you wanted.

Tammy said...

I vow not to watch Atonement until you come home and force me!!!