All Quiet on the Western Front


Our local phone company cut about 1000 phone lines a couple of days ago. Lucky for me, my house was one of them!

They're working dilligently to fix it, but we may not have phone (and therefore, internet) until Sunday at the earliest

That means evenings at one of our local internet cafes. It's all very exciting. If we're a little slow getting back to you or posting on our blogs, this is why.


Kate said...

I participated in a gambling experiment for psychology.
I had to pick which gambles I would play and which I wouldn't.
The most I could have won was 12.67 and the lowest would have been 5 dollars, so I think that all in all I did a pretty good job.
I'm giving up school and moving to Vegas to try my hand at the big time.

Kate said...

P.S. I never noticed your picture in the right hand corner, but it is a little eerie.
I like it.
Also, a priest yelled at me today.
What a nice gesture on Ash Wednesday.