This Even Beats the Wicker Reindeer!

Sis and I discovered the most ostentatious house today. She, Angie and I visited it again later when it was illuminated. You can view the pictures over at Cinderella Jenkins.

Why is it that the poorer the neighborhood, the more inflatable decorations per capita? I think in Bexley the rate is .003 inflatables per person. On the Hilltop it hovers around 19.995.


nikki said...

what are you crazy kids doin in my hood? you're just jealous. ha ha!

Tammy said...

okay-you should know that in Grandview there are inflatables and they must work out because they're outside of a gym.

Tanya said...

that is so weird, i've noticed that too

OTRgirl said...

I miss Bawlmore's Miracle on 34th street. One block in the poor (at least it used to be) white neighborhood that is lit end to end from Thanksgiving through New Years. Though with row homes there's not quite enough room for the glorious inflatables.

I must say, Santa looks happy to see you!

Anonymous said...

I'm making an offer on a house not too far from this stuff! I will be sure to tell my maybe neighbors that you admire their decorations :)