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Oh and in MUCH more exciting news! Angie and I have begun our support raising for our return trip to Iraq. Yup! It officially began yesterday when we sent our November Newsletter. If you would like a copy of it and didn't get one, shoot me an email and I'll make sure you get one. The highlight of the newsletter (in Angie's opinion)was our "Creative Ways to Give!" Over the next few weeks, we'll be sending out HUNDREDS of letter to people and churches across the country asking for their support, and while walking out the door the other talking about how we ONLY need 100 of those HUNDREDS to pledge $50 a month in order to meet our goal, it dawned on us that HUNDREDS of stamps are VERY expensive! At least, they are when neither of us are working steadilyy full time! We know that we will have to send to hundreds of people in order to gain the needed support, and we know that God will supply just what need in order to GO. BUT, we need stamps in order to do that! HA!

Well, stamps are no match for GOD, right!? So, stamps became a creative way to give to our ministry! I mean, we can totally believe for God to show a few people how THEY are TRULY supporting the work of our ministry by simply mailing us STAMPS, right? I'm not being sarcastic either! As we walked out the door and talked about it in the car, I think we had this moment (at least Angie did) where we remembered that it may be someone's joy to pick up an extra book of stamps at the Post Office, knowing that every 20 stamps mails out 20 letters which may yield another person's support for our ministry. It's strange how God works like that, right?

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Lucy said...

A) Love the updated picture in your profile. I'm wearing that sweater right now! (Though not the matching vest.)
B) I'm SO excited that you're coming sooner.
C) If I were within even 1,000 miles of a US Post Office, I'd hook you up, but since I'm not...