Do-Over Meals

Tonight, I went to dinner with Angie, Sis and Tanya. They went out while I went to orientation for my new part time job. I got finished early, so I called and met up with them at a Chinese place in Grandview.

Among other things, we discussed Do-Over Meals.

A Do-Over Meal is one that is eaten when your first meal isn't good enough. For instance, if you go to someone's house and they serve you pickle casserole and you eat a whole serving, but on your way home you stop at Taco Bell and eat again. You're eating again because the first meal was nasty and you deserve better, not because you're hungry.

There are numerous scenarios in which a Do-Over Meal may be eaten:

1) You eat granola for breakfast. Then you get a call to go out for waffles. You can't turn down the waffles.

2) You have a tuna sandwich for lunch. Maybe with chips and a cold soda. Then someone brings over Chipotle. You gotta eat the Chipotle.

3) You eat bean soup for dinner, which makes you feel sad, so you order pizza.

In each case, you had a meal, but ate the second, better meal as well. The second meal tastes better; that's why it's necessary.

I would say that a true Do-Over Meal more closely resembles the third example. In these cases, you consciously choose the second meal based on the horribleness of the first.

This is reason #4 that I am a little fat for hiking.


OTRgirl said...

Or you go to Japanese tapas and have wonderful but delicate sized bites of a lot of food. When leaving you're still hungry, so you go to In&Out burger for a second course.

Lucy said...

Or the gosht is fatty and there's a hair in your kufta, so you go home and eat bread with frosting on it even though you managed to fill up on your first two bites of grease anyway.

Tanya said...

hahaha---good post, bob! yeah that double meal convo was hilarious!

here's another example. i usually don't eat supper before homegroup. they have snacks like crazy there and I end up eating alot, enough to where i am not hungry! but because it wasn't a REAL meal, (satisfying real food, not sweets and dessert) I had to eat when i got home, even though, this week it was at like 12:30am! (after homegroup)