Jobs For Which I Am Unqualified

1. Neurosurgeon
2. Russian Spy
3. King of Spain
4. Ballerina
5. Human Services Developer 2. Apparently.


jen said...

i dunno. i could easily see you doing #4 OR #5.
don't fret...there are other fish in the job sea.

Tammy said...

I just naturally assumed you were #2, hahahha, seriously though-I know #4 is your calling

Craig said...

Robert I feel your pain brother!!!

Lucy said...

No, you're qualified, there just isn't an opening for #3 right now. But I can give you a job as a #5. (Relocation required.)
Shoot, you could come out here and pass your self off as a #1...

Tanya said...

Robert, what are you talking about!!!!!!!!!???
You could TOTALLY do #4!!!!
If Jerry Springer can do the mambo and the cha-cha, you could be a ballerina.

I would say, go for it!

BrianStevenson.com said...

Robert, I agree with Tanya, you could totally be a ballerina. I mean, you were tearing up the dance floor with that Worm dance move at your wedding. Quite impressive considering you were in a tuxedo!