Welcome Back! (To me...)

Yes, the honeymoon was awesome. Thanks for asking.

And, yes, that's as much detail as you should expect.

I am taking a moment to post today because I have something very funny to share. I am aware that you don't know the context of the following, but it'll be funny to those who know some of the pieces.

This was sent to my sister, Brandi, and then edited by Vanessa. Vanessa was on a roll here. Everything is parentheses represents the actual meaning of the words had they been written by a certain ex who shall remain nameless here.

What are the elements of a long lasting relationship?:
A great, long lasting relationship is one where there is honesty in conversation (means: Even though you say you will never marry me, the voices in my head tell me to go get the engagement ring right now!), efforts in compromise (means: you will respect and let me wear my fanny-pack, plus adopt and love your own all lycra wardrobe), passion in feelings ( I can cry on every single date we have and you will think is because I am sensitive and not at all crazy), Trust in confiding in someone (means: I will tell people (other than yourself) how mean I think you are and to watch out), faith that you can go through any season of your own life, and they will be with you through it, because they care for you that much (means: When I am on trial for gunning down several people while screaming the name Brandi, you will meet me at the court and say "now I do love you").


Brandi said...

That's just not right, but really funny! I hope the original author of this masterpiece doesn't beat you down.

rdmeeker said...

Please. I am not afraid of the original author. Either one of them.

Nikki said...

First off...Welcome Back! Second...that letter is too funny.

Tammy said...

ahhhh, I can't help it-the more I read it the funnier it gets. The "author" should get some sort of reward; it makes me laugh everytime I read it. I think we should have it put on T-shirts!!!

Tanya said...

Sweetie...we're any of us expecting more details than you gave? ;p