Up to this point, I have never posted anything about the people of Thailand. I've never had a reason, although they seem like a very interesting people group. I have eaten Thai food and spoken to Thai people, sure, but I've never had a post-worthy experience or interaction.

Now things are different. I have heard a Thai-related story that deserves to be retold and discussed.

I heard the following story yesterday and I debated whether anyone else would want to know about it. In the end, I decided that it was hilarious, and everyone would be more complete if they heard it, too.

"just like i couldn't understand the people in the Thai restaurant in XX when i went and took a big dump, and the toilet almost overflowed. I didn't say anything b/c i was the ONLY person in the entire restaurant...and it was so embarrassing...plus, i didn't know if it was shameful to bring up the subject of poop to the Thai people...so i went and sat down for my meal...knowing what i had left in the bathroom, b/c there was no plunger..."

I refuse to divulge the name of the person who told me this story. Those in the know can probably guess who this was, but for his or her privacy, I've even removed the name of the stae in which these poor Thai people were so affronted.

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Tammy said...

And you were disgusted by my post????? As someone said, "NICE".