The End

I couldn't let the end of Daylight Savings Time go unnoticed.
I hate to see it end. I have written a poem to mark the occasion.

If any publishers are reading and would like the poem for an anthology of some kind, please let me know. I can bang out more if you think a book of my own would be a bigger money-maker. We can also have lengthy discussions about my form and, of course, about the symbolism. I can talk about the symbolism for hours.

But only for money. I will not discuss my art for free. That's not how I roll.

I Hate EST and Poetry
I hate you Eastern Standard Time
more than I despise French mime(s)
If I hated mimes, I guess
They're just doing their best
Maybe I hate you like crime

And it's not just EST that I hate
I hate them all [CST,MST,PST] like mashed potate
os. I prefer Daylight time and more sun
Sun until nine! Sun until the fun
is over. SO maybe only until eight

That would do. I'm a little boring
I can't really fill the hour between 8 and
nine with anything exciting that requires sun anyway
blah, blah, blah
I hate Standard time like I hate
Poetry usually makes me cringe.
Mine! Haha. I hope you've enjoyed this
This note to mark the end of the all the fun

Thanks to Cinderella Jenkins for getting the poetry juices flowing...


Brandi said...

That might possibly be the worst poetry that I have ever read! Way to go!

Joe said...

I will respectfully disagree with your sister. I was very impressed with the potate - os.

I don't like the time change myself - if anything, they need to move the time up so that it gets dark still at like 8.

Tammy said...

Bob-as you know the poem cracked me up-oh and your Paglia article-not only did I read it, I printed it.

OTRgirl said...

You rock
my sock
s off.