Two Weeks in the TKY


Anonymous said...

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Tammy said...


Katie said...

Hey Bob! I just wanted to let you know that I got a 27 on my ACT's.
Ya know what that means?
I am going to retake it because if I get a better score then I can even more money, but my overall score is in the "Highly Selective College" category!

Angie said...

Katie - my score went up two points the second time I took it (which was really from just improving in the math section, everything else basically stayed the same). Smart move to retake it...but AWESOME! on your first try! Good for you!!!!

BTW - didn't YOU look like a barbie-girl in your prom pictures?? I agree with Brandi - you and Brandon had to be the most attractive couple there... hope you had fun!

Katie said...

Thanks Angie! Well I hope I didn't look TOO much like Barbie, haha!
Prom was really fun, and my ACT scores just topped off my weekend!

I hope that my scores go up on the next try. I studied very little the last time I took them, partially because I didn't have very much time in between the sign-up to the actual test. From here on until I retake it I will really study. Especially the math. My overall composite was a 27, but my
English was a 32 and my Reading was a 34. My math and science scores were the same.
Hopefull I do a lot better next time, but I am still satisfied as far as my first try goes.

Angie said...

Yeah - that's kid of how mine was. I did well on the English, Reading, and Science (scores between 29 and 33), but then in the math, on my first take, I only scored an 18! AN 18! :-( such a drastic difference between the other three areas and math... so I got a math tutor, and brought it up to a 20 for the second time that I took it... still :-( but luckily, with the the other scores coming up a point or two as well, it was all enough for a pretty tight academic scholarship at the college I went to. If you're starting out with a 27, imagine where you'll go fom here! 27 is fantastic all by itself (what is that - like the top 90%?)! So seriously - you're only going to get even better next time! Awesome!

Happy Weekend for Katie!

OTRgirl said...

Just have to say that I know the two weeks aren't up yet, but I keep checking in anyway. I hope you didn't think that 'vacation' included not blogging! Very irresponsible behavior if you ask me. And even if you didn't, I'll tell you anyway. I'm like that. Just ask your teammate about the 'bulldozer'.