So, I’m listening to my As the World Turns podcast and thinking…

In 8 weeks I’ll be home watching this on TV. Live!

Well, not live. I like to DVR it and then fast-forward through the commercials, but that’s neither here nor there

The point is that I’ll be home. And that’s a lot to think about. I mean, am I looking forward to going home? Of course I am. But, am I a little sad to leave Kurdistan? Yes.

But more importantly, as I told Angie earlier, I have 8 weeks of work left here and 5 people to whom I’ve committed that time. 5 people who have become very important to me, too (as much as I’ve tried to stop them!!) I can’t just spend the next two months thinking about home and give up on my life here. It’s not like everything ends when I leave. Certainly not here in this city, or even this office! And not for me…I don’t really know what my future holds, but the ending of this is just the beginning of things. The first day of the rest of my life, so to speak….

And I can’t spend the next eight weeks wishing for the beginning of new things! These things now are important.

Not to mention the Kurds. And those relationships are the tricky ones. Will I ever see these people again, or is it eight weeks and then never again?

I’m tempted to ask myself: “what would Paul Ryan do?”

PS to those in the know – what’s up with the new Casey? Replacement or stand-in? I’m a couple of weeks behind…


Tammy said...

GOT YOUR GIFT!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! Everyone wants to know where to get one-I told them to go to Turkey. One of the guys here at work, thought it was Craig's picture-I told you two look alike, he could be my baby too. Love you honey

Tammy said...

By the way, I won't be online again until 5/30-I'm having my surgery tomorrow, 5/24-so you'll have to check in with Brand or Grandma okay? I'll talk to you soon-love you honey