He's Got the Crazy Eye

Did you know that you could wash your floor with a T-shirt-on-a-stick and Dove shampoo?

Yeah, me neither, but you totally can. I learned that from D-Dog today when I noticed a familiar smell in the office. I thought, "Certainly she's not using my shampoo to clean the floor..."

But she was. Last week, she took my soap out of the shower to wash her hands in the kitchen, which wouldn't have been so bad except she hid it in an old can and I had to search for it so I could bathe myself. And, today it's my shampoo. I told Lucy that I was charging my next bottle of shampoo to the office.

Last week, I went to Hewler, the capital of this crazy land and took the picture posted here. I know that it has nothing to do with D-Dog and my shampoo, but I liked the picture of Mr. Crazy Eyes, so I posted it.

I'm not sure who Mr. Crazy Eyes is, though. I think he may be an important poet or historian or something like that. There was a sign posted in the Kurdish script, so who know. I've gotten pretty good at reading Kurdish script, but I still don't know what any of the words actually mean, so I have to just make up most of the information....

Oh, and on a different note: Thanks for nothing everybody! I had to find out on my own that the "New Casey" was only a stand-in Casey and not a replacement Casey. You act as if you have better things to do than to keep me up-to-date on ATWT when I know that can't possibly be true...

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Angie said...

I know who he is. He's the poet Moustafa. I read about him earlier this year.