Xwa Hafiz, February

So, February is finally over and I am happy to see it go! March is already sunny and beautiful and I am looking forward to warmer weather and everything else that Spring brings with it.

I finally found a language helper, so I'm on track to learn more Kurdish! He's an Arabic language teacher at a local school, so he's teaching me a little Arabic as well. Which is much more difficult than Kurdish, so, if you're planning to come to the Middle East, think about coming to one of the non-Arabic regions, you'll learn the language faster.

In Arabic there are three letters for the "th" sound and they are al phonetically different. At least in theory they are. I can't really tell the difference.

My ability to write in Kurdish and Arabic scripts impressed my language helper, though, so that made up for my inability to pronounce the Arabic words. So there's that, at least.

Not much news otherwise. The team's looking at helping at the local maternity hospital and trying to supply materials for people to build houses, but that's all in the planning stages.

Not too much else to say...

Keep on truckin'


Tammy said...

xwa hafiz, sounds like the noise I make when I sneeze :) Hope you got my most recent email and thanks for the update on the blog. All is well here.
love you

Anonymous said...

One of my friends who speaks arabic suggests thinking of parcel tongue (snake language) from Harry Potter when attempting to pronounce the hard parts of arabic. Once I thought about it, it made a silly kind of sense :)

thinking of you,