Riots and the Benefits of Self-Pity

I see that my feigned self-pity was enough to draw some of you out of hiding! It was great to hear from Tony (hey, Tony) and Jason (hey, Jason). Jason, I've been reading about your time in Brazil and I have two questions. The first is a two-part question: Have you seen the Jollenbecks? If so, how are they. The second is: Have you lost any body parts to the piranhas?

I can't really say where I am in IQ, but lets just say there were riots nearby today. You probably heard about it on the news, but shots were fired and a certain monument that shall remain nameless was destroyed.

I am writing about it because I read that the government is blaming foreigners and this is totally untrue. The demonstrators were frustrated Kurdish citizens unhappy that a certain anniversary was being exploited for political gains while the city's citizens are ignored for the rest of the year. These were locals, not Arab terrorists.

Also, it doesn't point to larger problems in Kurdistan. It's just the reaction of people in one town, and, unless I am wrong, I don't think any more will come of it (except maybe in that one city; they're crazy there).

Also of note; we were planning to be in that city for the anniversary, but we heard rumors of planned demonstrations and stayed home, instead. Wise decision, eh?


Angie said...
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Angie said...
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Jason Coker said...

yep, i spent lots of time with scott and becky. they're holding their own learning the language and very excited about what God is doing with the children's home, however they're also feeling very isolated. we need to do a better job keeping them in the communication loop and making them feel supported.

right know i'm going with the story that the fish that collided with my hand on the river WAS a pirahna. i'm quite sure i'm lucky to still have all my fingers. ha!