So much time, so little to do. (Wait. Strike that. Reverse it.)

Three days and counting.

OK, so Angie is officially having seizures as proved by the Prolactin test taken following last week’s seizure. She does not have Cardio-Neurological Syncope Syndrome as was hypothesized last week; her cardiologist has ruled it out. (For more information on the relationship between syncope and seizures, you can check this out.

This means she’s still undiagnosed and frustrated.

Mom, meanwhile, is doing better, but is restless. She was cleared to go back to work on Monday, but cautioned against over-exerting herself, but I’m sure she will. She gets the results of her pathology report tomorrow and, assume, more information on the plans for chemotherapy.

As for me, I’m doing ok. I’m not sleeping so well, but that’s to be expected. I am pretty well packed, though. So that’s good.

Interest factoid for the day:
Projected length of Mom’s chemo:     6 months
Amount of time Angie cannot drive:     6 months
Expected length of my stay in IQ:     6 months

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Aimee said...

6 months... no coincidence, I think.

I belive that you are going to do great things in IQ.