Green Brief #11

I intend to keep posting these briefs as long as NiteOwl continues to write them.

It seems some sources in the US media are already questioning whether the "revolution" has already been silenced.
"It's easy to sit around and blog about how hard people are fighting, or how hard
reporters are actually reporting, but honestly: we really have no idea what kind
of energy it takes to do so. Moving the ground beneath one's feet, let alone
that of an entire government's, can't be easy. Maybe they just needed a weekend
off, maybe there's more to come tomorrow, or maybe this game's already been
called. Whatever it is, it isn't looking good for anybody who hasn't already
aligned themselves with Iran's re-ignited regime."

Two (of many) interesting notes from the brief:
3. Iran's paramilitary Basij are carrying out brutal nighttime raids, destroying property in private homes and beating civilians in an attempt to stop nightly protest chants, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch also said the Iranian authorities are confiscating satellite dishes from private homes to prevent citizens from seeing foreign news.

9. Amnesty International confirms on CNN: people disappearing from hospitals. Hundreds of people missing.

For 06/27/09

For the full article from Human Rights Watch click here.

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