At the Library

I thought that redesigning my blog would spur me to writing.

It hasn't. I truthfully feel like I am mute. When I sit to put words on the page to share, I come up with nothing.

Today, I 'm sitting at the library with no distractions, but my tongue is figuratively stuck to the roof of my mouth,

I'm not sure why. Life seems to be going along well. I don't love my job, but I am still getting a paycheck every other week, so I can't really complain.

Angie is keeping busy with web design (and crazy schemes for web sites) and she's bringing in additional money.

All of our bills are paid and we don't have to worry for money.

I think I'm probably bored.

I can't leave the country, so I need to look for some excitement closer to home and I think I need a ministry to get involved with,

I've decided that I need something sort of crazy. Wish me luck as I look for it.

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