Green Brief #10 and A Beat It Cover

As the media focusses on Michael Jackson's death, let's not forget about Iran.

"The government is continuously attacking and arresting Iranians who are using twitter to get the message out to the world. Several of our sources have so far been arrested or have stopped using twitter altogether, yet the remainder have
pledged to continue until the last minute. Amidst the somber mood, some
emotional moments can also be seen. One Iranian tweeted: "I would rather
our Iranian youth were tweeting about Michael Jackson than having 2 face this death & horror. Lets set them free to do so."

For 06/26/09

Let's give MJ his due, too.

I have a hard time choosing my favorite Michael Jackson song, so here's Angie's covered by some guy on French tv.

(For Angie)

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love the entire post!