"You Kinda Look Like Jerry Revish"

Angie, Nila and I arrived back in Columbus today. We fled the San Diego fires, spent four hours in the air and came home to Mom, Sis and pizza - oh, and a fussy baby!

She was great on the flight, but not so great now that she's back home after the excitement.

During the 10 o'clock news, Sis told me i look like Jerry Revish. A younger, white Jerry Revish. For those of you who may not know, Jerry Revish is one of the anchors at WBNS, Columbus's CBS affiliate. Well, and also for our CW station at 10 o'clock, which, of course, is where I watched him this evening.

Also, I learned that there's a huge MERDS outbreak in the city. Please take precautions against MERDS!

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