$1000 Is A Lot of Money

Below are two links to the same story. An Iraqi military unit raised $1000 to donate to the victims of the wildfires in San Diego. This is from men who make very little defending their country. Angie found the story at Michael Totten's blog and CNN picked it up a bit later.

Michael Totten


After reading this, I read some more of Michael Totten's work. I am familiar with his blog, but I read this article from Azure magazine. You should check it out. It includes this quote:

"Erbil, the largest city in Kurdistan, has suffered three terrorist attacks since coalition forces terminated the Baath regime in 2003. The second-largest city, Suleimaniah, was struck only once. The third-largest city, Dohuk, has never been hit at all. More people have been wounded or killed by terrorists in Spain than in Iraqi Kurdistan since 2003. No one has been kidnapped."

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