Alive and Well

I haven't been able to keep the blog updated because...umm...

Would you believe that there's a giant sink hole? Well, it's true. There's a giant sink hole/ landslide incident here in San Diego. It makes it very hard to blog with this type of disaster happening in one's vicinity.

Of course, by vicinity I mean a thirty minute drive from where I actually am staying and working, but still. It's on tv and stuff.

In truth, I've just been working hard teaching language and the apartment in which Angie, Nila and I are staying doesn't have internet. We can sporadiclly intercept someone else's wifi, but it isn't consistent enough to rely on.

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carrie said...

so i'm just taking a wild guess that you my kind friend are the one who made the holly hobby comment on jen's blog? i love that story :) you think the sink hole is bad? my experience with fires in el cajon totally tops the sink hole. AND we had to evacuate which made for very exciting newsletter content. oh come on you know you thrive on chaos! :)