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Joan's Class - 07/01/06 - Massage Me, Baby (One More Time)

  • 8:26 - Joan requests the "baby doll" for massage practice. She is given the two creepiest dolls in Kurdistan (and, perhaps, all of Iraq)
  • 8:27 - I take a picture of Joan and the creepy twins
  • 8:30 - Joan puts one of the creeps on the floor with all of the "dirt, dog and spit"
  • 8:31 - Class begins like a lion. Will probably end like a lamb
  • 8:32 - No, that's March... class begins, nonetheless
  • 8:34 - Joan decides to practice first, which means I have to leave the room. But then come back for Joan's lecture. Joan sucks
  • 8:40 - Look at my calendar
  • 8:45 - Make a to-do list
  • 8:46 - Read a book
  • 9:02 - Class begins again
  • 9:03 - Joan draws a row of teepees. Oops, I mean a spine. A spine.
  • 9:05 - I don't think anyone's paying attention today. It is very hot.
  • 9:06 - Joan's baby has Torticollis
  • 9:07 - I think about writing a book: "Effleurage and the Spastic Child." Maybe Mamosta Karim will help me publish it.
  • 9:14 - Still hot
  • 9:15 - I think on day 6 we should all know that, if we work the front of the legs, we also work the back of the legs. I know this information. Why am I the only one?
  • 9:18 - Joan makes the baby dance
  • 9:20 - Something is happening that I don't understand
  • 9:24 - Not all therapies will have the same results with every patient
  • 9:28 - If your face is paralyzed, you must tap it. Vigorously
  • 9:30 - Student asks for a free massage

That's the end of Joan's class for the day. I spent this afternoon at a Kurdish friend's house trying to watch the rest of the film Troy. We started it yesterday and had to stop when the power went out. We didn't finish today either! I am looking at a third day of the movie. And it's crap! Why can't Brad Pitt act? I saw Fight Club. Good. I saw Twelve Monkies. Good. His Achilles is painful.

Perhaps he should massage it.


Angie said...

Before I read your description of yet another ugly baby that Joan loves, I thought, "EWWW! Another ugly baby that Joan loves! Only this time, you can see ugly baby's veins bulging out of her head! And is she missing an eye? or is that just the angle of the picture?" Why does Joan only love ugly babies?

Kurdistan, O Kurdistan, do you not have any pretty babies?

OTRgirl said...

As always, funny list! Poor Joan.

As for Troy, the key to enjoying it is to watch it as a comedy. It's SO corny. The pauses while Brad gazes blankly into the distance, the writing, the melodrama, it just goes on and on. Granted I was the only person in the theatre who was convulsed on the floor but I loved it!