Almost Over

I was chided twice today about not keeping up with the blog this week.

"It seems that if you're going to have a blog, you should make an effort to post somewhat regularly..."

Well, I haven't written anything because I'm tired of reading. I want to spend the rest of the post writing about how we all spend too much time talking and not enough time doing, and that, if we were busier doing the work of God, we wouldn't have so much free time to analyze our part in it or to judge the others doing it, or to come up with theories to justify our inactivity.

But I won't. I don't really feel like it, and, honestly, you'll all do what you want anyway.

I've been really busy this week planning and executing the work here. We finally have a project that I am really excited about and another in the proposal stages.

But, I'm leaving.

And the projects will go on without and the work will be fine. No problem. And I'm going home to good things, I know. But a little (Ok big) part of me will miss this place. And these people. My life will never be like this again. On Thursday morning I'll say good-bye to a life that I'll never have again. It's not like the good-bye in January; I know I'd have that again.

And I know that there are parts of this that I am happy to leave behind. But it's weird to think that when I step out the door Thursday morning, it's over.

Even if I come back here, it won't be the same. Pieces will be missing. Maybe it will be better, but it won't be the same.

I'm not complaining, I'm just a little sad to see it go.


Tammy said...

The fact that you're going to miss the place your leaving, is the very reason I respect and admire what you have done there. You are a doer and not a talker; you should be proud-I am.

Brandi said...

Those of us who truly know and love you, know why you are not posting. We know that your heart is full of love for the people. We know that a piece of you will stay there and we know that you will be forever changed. Do what you need to do and keep Glorifing the Lord. We will be blessed by your comments and you witty humor when you return. I love you bro, keep on truckin!

Tammy said...

Give everyone there my thanks for taking such good care of my son while he's been away-and yes, I forgive Lucy for trying to "kill" you. I'd love to meet them all some day.