Not too much to say...

So, I’ve been in Houston for about 5 days.

This is the city that Angie likens to an “armpit,” but I have really enjoyed myself. I went to Hermann Park on Saturday. It was really lovely. In fact, it reminded me of London which, as anyone who knows me knows, this is quite a compliment. I also spent some time in the Galleria area. I didn’t go inside the actual mall, but I did do a little shopping in the region. I was also able to spend time outside. It was about 80º yesterday!

But, don’t be too jealous. There’s a cold front heading through, so highs should drop into the high 60s by Wednesday.


Brandi said...

You sir, are a punk!

Angie said...

Where are you in Houston, Robert? The part of the Houston that I don't like is so NOT the Galleria area, and it's not North Houston, if that's where you are.

It would be my luck that you WOULD love Houston.

Tammy said...

Hi honey,
Your package is on the way-I insured it for $300, hope that was enough. You owe me-BIG!!! I'll take cash, no checks. Let me know that you got it okay