Arizona is Lovely

It's strange to leave January to be dropped directly into June, but I'm not complaining. It's great. People are out in shorts and sandals even.

Because I am a true Columbus native, I have to say "Go Bucks!" I didn't go to the game, in fact, I avoided the Tempe area altogether. I'm just curious to know how many couches burned last night. School's probably not in session yet, so maybe the couches were spared.

No other news, but I will try to be interesting later.


Brandi said...

GO BUCKS! It was so exciting. Poor mom, but I loved it. I woke up late today but it was great to be back at work! (can't believe I said that) So jealous of your weather!

Brandy said...

Do you realy have to remind us that we are in winter clothing and you are not? Hope you are feling better maybe all that warm weather will do you some good.

Tammy said...

Okay, okay, so I decided to sleep in the shower, isn't that my business????? I need to get a proof reader-I can't believe I write so poorly. How's your cold? Love you

Tammy said...

Are you in Houston yet? I miss you terribly.