So I am sure that everyone is wondering why they haven't been e-mailed. Well. I have an excuse. The internet isn't as accessible in IQ as one might think.

"But, you are on the internet now," you're saying to yourself. Well, yes. I am, but I'm at an internet cafe from which I am advised not to check my secure e-mail. Except, of course, from my laptop. My laptop battery, however, is dead. So, no dice.

I am hopeful that in the next 7-10 days, we'll get the satellite internet system set up at our house. (Yes, we have a house! We aren't quite moved in yet - still sleeping in the hotel - but we make progress every day. There was a lot of stuff to move out of Hollywood and our house is filled with junk. But, we just have the office left to set up. I may be sleeping there tomorrow night.

I am having a fine time here. It's all very exciting. The team is getting along well. I'm not just saying that because they read this, either. It's good.

I guess that's all for now. I hope everyone is doing well! Love ya!


Brandi said...

hey, I think that all of your tax info is here. do you want me to file for you on H&R Block? Let me know dog! I am so glad that you are having so much fun. Who would have guessed. Well, I guess that anyone who knows you would have guessed. Love you!

Craig said...

I am so glad to here things are going well. I hope you are keeping a journal or some detailed descriptions. I think it might be of good use to motivate people.

As we have said... "Of course he would be having fun"

Tammy said...

I am not surprised you're having fun, it's so you!!! I remember the imaginary maps of places and people with towns and lives; so I'm not surprises-loved the quote-I will try to pull back my comfort curtain. I had my last chemo 1/25-WOO HOO!!!! Maybe I'll have some hair when you get home-although yours will probably be longer than mine-I love you and miss you. Keep up the good work.

Nik said...

Sorry, I had some catching up to do. The soap story...very funny. I'm sure you probably didn't think so at the time.

I'm glad to hear you are well. I was beginning to wonder.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Bob, I finally remembered to check your blog. I'm glad you're doing well. I may not have ever told you this, but I am very proud of what you've accomplished.
Good luck moving into the house.
Uncle Butch

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're having fun! Hope the house is shaping up well. Keep us posted when you can.


Tammy said...

Hi Bob,
Just so you know, I have updated the blog page so you can keep posted on the "excitement" in my life. Love and miss you