About The Author

I started this blog in 2005 as a way to communicate with family and friends when I went to Iraq.

Over the years, this blog has seen three trips to Iraq, a marriage, a baby and hundreds of posts.

I am a two time graduate of the Ohio State University with a Masters degree in Public Administration. I worked in academic testing after college and throughout graduate school and my first post-graduate job was as Testing Coordinator for a local university.

In 2004, I made a life-changing decision to spend 6 months working for an NGO in Iraq, a journey I began in November 2005.

I spent January through July 2006 in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and, before returning, decided to return.

In September 2006, I married Angie and we began planning to go back to Iraq. In December 2006, we found out Angie was pregnant!

I went back to Iraq from June to August 2007 and came home just in time for Nila's birth on September 1.

The whole family went to Iraq in November and stayed until May, 2008. Nila was a huge hit with the Kurdish people! Everyone loved her there almost as much as the family that loved her here from the US.

Now, we're back in the US, but we're still very much interested in the Kurds! We want to go back one day and continue to serve them as Jesus would.

Brothers Together Iraq is an organization we were lucky enough to meet in Iraq. They send children to Israel for heart surgeries and they could use your help!
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