Cheap Stuff is Good

I found this a site called NeverPayRetailAgain.net today.

She has a lot of great coupons and deals. You should check it out.

Like this deal. Two packs of Huggies diapers and wipes for $1. Seriously.

Nila wears a size 4 in Huggies. Hurry, sale ends Friday.

UPDATE: Nevermind on the diapers. Angie tells me we can't buy Huggies because they give Nila diaper rash. I didn't know.

The site still looks like a keeper, though. I don't think it causes diaper rash, but I'll let you know.


Brian Stevenson said...

Do you need me to print off some coupons for you? I might be able to print to PDF and email to you.

rdmeeker said...

Brian, that's be great since one can only print so many from a single computer.

We'll go buy out the Walgreens.

You can e-mail the pdfs.


Mobea said...

I've got lots of sites that print out coupons. First i type in the product that I want, then it will lead me to the site that has a coupon. Even Publisher Clearinghouse Sweepstakes has a coupon site. I'll get together a list of different free coupon sites and send them to you. Proter and Gamble is a great one. They send you samples too. I just started getting into the coupon game, but wow it really saves you money! And it's fun to see how much you can actually save when you put your mind to it. Did you know it's cheaper to buy milk at the drug store than at the grocery store? Really.

OTRgirl said...

Great tip! Thanks.