Internet. Check.

We have been without internet since we returned home. It seemed like an eternity, but it's been about 13 days. Now we're back and I have important things to say.

#1. It is too cold in Ohio. The above picture was taken from my window looking into the courtyard of my apartment complex. It may also be of the indoor ski facility in Dubai. You be the judge.

#2. Gas is way too expensive. Today, most local stations that I saw were holding steady at $3.99 for regular. I expect one of them to make the jump over $4 any moment. By my estimation, that should put a gallon of gas at about $9.25 by the Fourth of July.

#3. There is far too little protesting against #2. I am thinking about making a sign and heading down to the Statehouse. The price of gas has quadrupled in the last five years. I even remember 79 cent gas back in 96 or so. While I understand that the price of oil is at record highs and that demand is at all time highs, I have trouble wrapping my head around record profits for oil companies while truck drivers pay $1000 to fill up - and I pay $54 in a single trip to the Giant Eagle gas station where I saved 60 cents per gallon!

#4. My home is too far from the nearest bus stop. It's 1.8 mile to be exact; one mile with sidewalks and .8 without. While I could walk almost two miles to catch a bus, it's more difficult when you have a baby. She could stroll for the last mile, but the beginning part involves narrow shoulders, ditches and railroad tracks. It all feels very hobo.

That's all for now. Check ya later.


Tammy said...

I agree with you about gas prices. I will never understand how it can jump 22 cents in a matter of minutes- it's done because it CAN be done!! INSANE!! I'm sorry about the long trek to the bus-talk to your Mayor....$103 million on light rail or $103 million to bring people from outlying areas of the city into downtown????? Call me crazy...but light rail doesn't make sense when you have people who can't get into to downtown to use them!!! My car is available....it'll cost you per gallon though!!!! :) Glad you're back on line...send your grandma an email-she'll go nuts!!

jen said...

did you go skiing in dubai???? i gotta know!!!

watching CNN makes me glad i live in a country where i can take the bus just about anywhere for around 18 cents!

rdmeeker said...

No, Jen. No skiing.