Did You Notice I Was Gone?

If you read Angie's blog, you know that her grandfather's health is bad enough to warrant a visit from his granddaughter.

We initially decided that Angie would go with her friend Devan and Nila and I would stay home. That all changed at literally the last minute. Nila and I joined them for the trip to Norfolk, Virginia.

First, Angie's grandpa is "better than expected, but still not good," as Angie says.

Norfolk was nice, the drive there was unreasonably excruciating and the drive home was good - I may have talked nonstop for eight or so hours. We stayed in a nice hotel, ate crab cakes, had breakfast outside, visited Angie's family and dipped Nila in the ocean.*

*Technically Chesapeake Bay, not the ocean.


Mobea said...

Close enough for government work. It's the ocean..it's saltwater, it has sand, it has a current. It's an ocean!

Devan said...

Who knew that literally a person could talk for 8-9 hours straight. You were awesome at driving the whole way man--it seriously is a superpower in my book.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering I enjoyed getting to hear all your thoughts. Bonding is cool with me and it makes the road trip interesting.