Because I Said I Would

Yesterday, Joan asked me why I hadn't updated this blog and when I would. I said that I would update last night, but then I didn't, so I am doing it now.

I haven't written anything since the potato bug incident and a lot has happened since then. Most notably, the potato-bug-related nightmares have stopped.

We went from SoCal to Phoenix and now we're in Houston. Our first day in H-Town we witnessed a huge explosion just a few blocks away from the office. It wasn't terrorism like I assumed, but rather a freak accident in which a power transformer blew up in a huge ball of fire. We were without electricity for a number of hours. I think it was good practice for Iraq!

Since then, I've spent most of my time anticipating the American Idol finale. I missed last week's shows, but I know Melinda is no longer in the running. I think Blake is the clear winner, but America doesn't always agree with me.

In real-life news, Angie is headed home this week instead of going forward to Iraq. We decided that it would be better for her (and little baby Nila), if she went home until after the baby is born. I am still headed to Iraq this Friday.


Devan said...

I have been wondering how you guys were going to spell this kid's name.

Lucy said...

Thank you Joan.