Up Late

I got off of work at about 1:30 am and I am still awake. I never feel like sleeping right when I get home which means that I am up late into the night. Er, I mean morning, I guess

Yesterday was Angie's and Kate's birthday. Kate turned 18 and Angie turned 28. Freaky.

For two underemployed people, Angie and I have been making the rounds at the local restaurants lately. We've road tested Mimi's Cafe, Stoney River and El Arapazo in a matter of days. And those are just the new joints. We can thank Vanessa for the trip to Stoney River. She gave us a gift certificate which expired on Wednesday. We went on the last possible day. The food was good, but expensive. In my opinion, it's not worth the price. Plus, I found out that they are owned by the same people that own O'Charley's and you know how I feel about O'Charley's!

Also, I should mention that we tried Coco's again. It's officially off the list of acceptable choices. I wanted to go again so that I could try the bulgogi. Bulgogi is Korean barbequed beef.

Coco's is clearly not a Korean restauant.

In fact, it's possible that none of the employees have ever actually tasted bulgogi before. It was just awful. I inadvertantly ate mom's eggroll and it was the highlight of the meal. Do not go to Coco's!!

In non-food news: It turns out that Kate and Angie share something other than a birthday. They are both terrible with math! A few weeks agao the three of us played a game called Stocks and Bonds from 1965. It requires multiplication and addition. basically, it's multiplication by factors of 10 and addition of up to four digit numbers. Both of them were using their cell phone calculators!

Well, today I tutored Sis' kids on multiplication tables (up to 12). I told Kate and Angie a story about how some of the kids really grasped the idea of multiplying by 12 using (x*10)+(x*2). I went on to say that some of them even used (x*11)+(x*1) which was cool because it meant that they remembered what I taught them last week about 11.

The important part of this story is that they were both like "What!?! I have never heard of this! x*12 is the same as (x*10)+(x*2)!?!" I mean it was shock and disbelief!

Better yet, they've both taken Algebra. I was like "Dudes, it's called the Distributive Property. Look it up."

Of course, it is possible that they both simply deny that 10+2 equals 12. That throws off the whole theory. Maybe they could use their cell phones.

It makes me feel good to tell it since I totally misplaced South Bend, IN a couple of nights ago. In fairness to me, though, I was only a few miles off. I guess it's technically in NW Indiana, not NE, and, technically, it's not closer to Ohio than Illinois. I did, however, correctly identify Indiana's Great Lake and the very fact that it borders one, a fact that was not agreed upon amongst my compatriots - who shall remain nameless. (But before she posts, Sis did not dispute the Lake).

Oh, and be sure to come to the Meeker Christmas Party on Sunday at 7:15 after "Carols and Candles" at the church!


AngiesMomMo said...

Poor Angie. She inherited her math skills from me. I took algebra 5....count them, 5 times in college and still couldn't pass the course. Good thing that I'm an accountant.

Nikki said...

I feel that this is a good opportunity to say.....You are a DORK! ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I hope your Christmas party was fun. And...um...I also didn't know about 12x stuff. That's pretty cool. What can I say, my math teachers weren't that fun.