Angie's over on her blog writing about important topics and here I am talking about multiplication facts and posting pictures of Fritz the Night Owl.


It makes me feel like I should be profound, but, let's face it, I am not in the mood for profound (but you should totally read Angie's).

Also, in absence of my profundity, you should also check out Rasti. It's a blog by a Kurd who blogs about Kurdish interests. He typically focuses on the situation in Turkey, but it's a fantastic read (in particular, his discussion of the Iraq Study Group Report). It's definitely not what you'll see on CNN or Fox.

As for me, things continue as they do. I am really looking forward to Christmas and New Year's. This Friday, Sis, Kate, Erin, Angie and I will be going shopping on Friday with all the crazies. That should be fun (and a little out of control, I bet).

Oh, and did anyone see SNL this weekend? It was hilarious. Even the "ok" sketches were better than their typical "good" sketches. Perhaps you'll all get a **** in a box for Christmas.

"I say we do how we do, yo!"

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Tammy said...

May I just say, yuuuuuuuuk to the **** in a box, and no thanks!!!