I find that, since I don't get to update this thing very often, I'd like to say something profound. However, I also find that I have nothing too profound to say. But, in reality, if you're reading this, you're not reading it for my wisdom.

Valentine's Day passed in Kurdistan without too much hullabaloo. One of our team mates (I'll call her...Lucy) folded our sifrah into a heart and baked a cake (strawberry!). A Sifrah, by the way, is the thing that one puts on the floor to serve as a "table" when eating on the floor. It's like a plastic tablecloth only nicer.

I also received the picture featured here from Hannah via Angie. Strawberry Shortcake's friend has never looked more lovely.

Oh, and we all got actual Valentine's valentines from the team member I'll call Stanley. They were very nice.

It is raining here again today. We were told that the rainy season lasts until May. May!! Previously, we were told March. But, the more rain we get, the more power we get. Apparently, the hamsters run faster when they have something to drink.

I've now pseudonymed three team-mates (Dorris, Lucy and Stanley), so I'll go ahead and hit the other two: Wally and Joan. I hope they like the new monikers.

Everyone at home has the same names they had when I left. At least, I assume that to be the case. Either way, I love and miss you all. Happy V-D!


Tammy said...

Actually not everyone at home has the same names-we've decided to take the "Billy Mahoney" route-so from now on you can call me "Shiney". Love you

Angie said...

Oh Robert - if only you knew how NOT true that is...everyone here has a new name, and a new story! Brandi is in charge of telling you that, and in fact, last night, the stories took a HUGE leap forward... and she's got the pictures to prove it. Some of which won't be suitable for viewing on a public blog - so eventually, she'll pass them my way so I can show them to you on mine! haha... seriously - they're great! Later!

Anonymous said...

Okay, you can call me " Buck Knightley" Things are going good out here on the west coast. Just wanted to log in with my new name.
Love ya,

Tammy said...

Buck is your Uncle Butch and he's putting his own blog page together-see what you started???