Closing In Fast

Min zor serim sermawe!

That means I’m very surprised for those of you who don’t know. Why are you surprised, you might ask. You might even ask Bo çi to serit sermawe?

Well, because I only have 8 days left here in San Diego and I find myself in a strange place mentally. I can’t wait to come home, but I will miss it here at the same time.

I wish you could all come here and meet the family that I’ve been staying with. You couldn’t have chosen a better one for me. It’s as if the Meekers were Kurdish. Seriously.

I am also surprised that no one commented on my last post, but that’s neither here nor there.

Ooh, and I have learned two new high quality jokes which I will have to share when I get home. Yes, one of them is a knock-knock joke which I am excited to share with Hannah. And Kate. Kate loves the knock-knock jokes.

Happy Birthday to Kate, by the way. And Angie. Two nerds, one birthday. How convenient for me. It’s still the 14th in California, so I can still say it.

Since I’m rambling anyway: has anyone heard from Erin? I have called and left messages, but no response. Last time I told her that I would have to call the police and report her missing if I didn’t hear from her. Perhaps she’s calling my bluff. Or she’s actually missing. Either way, she didn’t call me back. Is her face on a milk carton? Have
they issued an Amber Alert? What’s the deal?

I would like to apologize to everyone who has read this far. For the lack of a coherent plot, etc.

Let’s face it, though. You really didn’t have anything else to do, did you?

Well, really. Did you?


Tammy said...

Hi honey-I cannot wait until next Friday. Please, convey my thanks to your host family for taking such good care of you and making you feel so welcome. It's a comfort to know that you are sad to leave them; that tells me how well they treated you. Love you

Angie said...

Robert-You should know that Jenell, Krysten and I have had entire discussions about the randomness about your team's affinity for Bigfoot. Just because we're not commenting on the blog, doesn't mean that we're not talking about it. ;-)

Tammy said...

Bob, How did your host family vote? I mean where did they go to do it and when did they vote? Did they vote today or were they able to vote earlier? I'm watching it on TV and was curious. Love you honey

rdmeeker said...

They voted at a night club in El Cajon. They all went on Tuesday and their fingers are stil purple.

Angie said...

???? Somehow I feel like you two aren't having the same conversation.

rdmeeker said...

I wish that you had KurdSat at home so that you could see how the Kurds are celebrating in the streets just because they were able to vote. It's pretty amazing.

Try www.kurdistan.tv

I can't promise that they'll be showing news or terrible music videos, but it's worth a look.