Something About Angie

Ok, so most of you who read this blog know who Angie is, but, theoretically speaking, there may be some people who are reading this who do not.

Angie is my girlfriend of about 6 months now. She's the High School Youth Group leader at the Vineyard in Grove City. Her official title includes assimilation and other churchy words, but her heart and ministry is for high schooler. Why? I'm not sure. With the exception of Kate, I avoid high schoolers like the plague. As most people do.

Anyway, the point of this story is that she had a pretty serious seizure yesterday at work and was in the emergency room for a few hours. After blood tests and a CT scan she was released and referred to a neurologist for more test, etc. Until she's cleared by the neurologist, she can't drive and she shouldn't be left alone in case she has another seizure. For the record, she has no history of seizures or any major medical problems.

She's doing well, but keep her in your prayers.

I guess that's all for now. I don't have a picture of Angie on this computer, so, instead, I've posted a picture of my mom punching a close family friend for your enjoyment. I will post a picture of Angie soon, but you can also check out her blog (for pictures and seizure stories). The link is on the right.


Aimee said...


Indeed, there is *something* about Angie. I can't think of anyone who's met and known her who didn't love her.

I am just so happy you are in her life and that she's in yours. Please watch out for her. Though it's been a long while since I've seen her, I think of her often and laugh (out loud, even) when I think of stuff we got into at ORU.

Please take care in your training for Iraq.



Anonymous said...

I've not known Angie long, but I know she has one of the sweetest and caring hearts of anyone I know. Plus, if she can tolerate your family, she's not half bad. Also, I'm certain your mom isn't punching a family friend; I think she's just trying to search for the word "mix". Not that I know that personally, I'm just guessing. I know you're taking very good care of Angie.