So. I read a book this week which gave a brief bio of each of the disciples. As I read, I tried to decide which one I was most like. Could it be John? No. Could it be Peter? No. Maybe Thomas. That seemed pretty close, but I know I wouldn't be the one asking questions. I don't really do that.

Then I read the chapter on Judas. The author (and I'm sure many other scholars) theorizes that Judas may have betrayed Jesus because he was impatient. Judas not Jesus. Hmmm...I can relate to impatience. Also, the author reminds the reader that Judas was present for he miracles just like the other 11 and he was called by Jesus specifically. Just like the others. Additionally, the others seemed to trust him. He was the groups "treasurer" even. Also, I notice that, at the last supper, Jesus even tells Peter that Judas will betray him, but it seems that not even Peter believes that Judas would be the one. Certainly Peter would have tried to stop him, right? But he didn't.

The author goes on to say that Judas didn't know that the authorities would kill Jesus. He thought that by turning Jesus over, he could help move things along. He could give Jesus a little push into establishing God's kingdom on earth.

So, let's recap. He's impatient for God to act and wants to push things along with his own power without a clear understanding of the consequences. Also, and even more important, he's a good disciple.

I don't think I would have read the book had I known that my personality would be most like Judas'...

I guess the question then is what would Judas do if he were supposed to go to Iraq, but then had to wait six months? I need to figure that out and then do the opposite, I think.


Anonymous said...
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Angie said...

Why do you write things like this? or say things like this? or PRAY things like this? Don't you know by now that God HEARS you? He listens to the cries of his people and responds...as evidenced by the post from later in the day!


While this analysis of Judas' character has some truth to it, I think there's another angle that isn't covered here.

John 12:6 says that Judas was a thief, who used his position as treasurer to take money for himself. This doesn't sound like a "good disciple" to me! It sounds like he had a love of money that later led him to betray Jesus. The other disciples probably trusted him because they were naive -- like I am so often! And Jesus? Well, Jesus knew what was going to happen all along, but He also knew it had to happen that way.

However, I also think it's true that Judas was impatient, and that he didn't realize the consequences of his betrayal until afterward. When he did, he returned the money, and killed himself.

So, for what it's worth, I don't think you're like Judas. I don't know which one of the disciples you resemble most. It may not be worth worrying about much.